Monday, 16 September 2013

The Swing of Things

Or, at least, trying to get back into it.

So here's where the current build stands, because no one wants to hear about any of that other stuff. The framework is all in place, with the exception of a few of the reward options, which are mostly variable-based anyway, so not really difficult to implement. The writing for about half of the stuff still needs to be done, which is what's really killing me: for some reason, I just can't seem to actually write anything. I know how the scenes are supposed to go, but I just can't seem to get my brain to actually write them. I'm still pecking away at it.

In the meantime, let's talk about Britney (Brittany, Brittaney)'s mission, shall we?

The idea is simple: Maria wants you to help her. But the idea of help is poorly defined at best. It's obvious when you meet her that the girl has two things she likes doing: drinking, and fucking. Maybe Maria meant for you to dissuade her from those paths, or maybe she meant for you to encourage one of them. Choice is yours.

Once you finally get an invite to Brit's apartment, you're almost done with the mission (originally, it was going to take several visits, but then I realized that that would be pushing the time limit set out for the mission). If you've taken to encouraging drinking or sex, the choice should be obvious, and in some cases, might be made for you: a timer starts as soon as you enter her apartment, increasing your arousal or working against your (temporary, hidden) willpower. If the timer runs long enough, the "prevailing" choice will be made for you, and then it's over.

Alternatively, you can try to encourage Brit to raise her self-esteem, which also culminates in one visit, but it's quite as straight-forward as you might think. You can still easily screw up here, and doing so means that you've pretty much failed at your chosen goal.

And there's a couple of other possible outcomes, mostly if you decide to disrespect privacy or otherwise choose to be a creeper. You may or may not like these outcomes.

Once the mission is complete - and, by the by, any of the above-mentioned outcomes is acceptable for determining whether or not the mission is complete - Maria, of course, shows up and gauges your efforts. The outcome you get determines whether she's happy or upset, and it's not likely to be for the reasons you're thinking.

As should be pretty obvious by now, Brit does have some magic of her own, which can factor in to how the mission plays out. And whether or not Brit sticks around for you to interact with later is also determined by what you do and how the mission ends.

And all of that is factored into Brit's ending at the end of the game.

So it's kind of complex, and I am working on it. Still not dead. Just gotta get back into the swing of things and write some stuff.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Scale comparison 15mm Crusader and a 28mm Stormtrooper

I had a few people asking for a scale comparison of the upcoming 15mm scale Crusader and a 28mm miniature.

You can see it scales nicely for the 28mm crowd, the head is large enough to fit a pilot into and the overall size looks good.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Ghaaaw, I wish I went to Gencon

Spoke with some of the folks from WGF and they said that they had quite a few backers come say hello... Makes me very sad I could not attend. I would have loved to meet the folks that made this possible.

Here is a shot for Gencon

Next year come hell or high water, I will be there.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gencon 25% off sale and a preview of the 28mm scale Leviathan Mortis and 15mm scale Leviathan Crusader

Unfortunately I did not make it to Gencon this year, real life issues of hunting for a new residence intruded on my fun.

If you can make it to Gencon, Wargames factory will be previewing the 15mm Leviathan Crusader and the 28mm Leviathan Mortis, both were painted for WGF by Matt Leahy. I think he did a fabulous job on these! Yes, that is the 15mm Crusader, all the details found on the 28mm model are present.

For those of you like myself who cannot attend Gencon, I just wanted to let you know that Wargames Factory if having a 25% off sale. Just be sure to use the discount code on checkout.


All Wargame Factory and DreamForge-Games products on sale for 25% off! Sale ends Sunday August 18th at Midnight!

 Use the discount code of conspecial in our webstore shopping cart to receive the discount.

(Please note that our 3x and 7x deals do not apply during this sale)

 Leviathan Mortis

15mm Scale Leviathan Crusader

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Not Dead, Just Depressed

Working through some personal stuff, here. I'm not giving up yet. Sorry for the delay.